Director's Message Outline

Director's Message

《Kyushu University Hospital’s Mission》
We strive to be a hospital that can provide medical care to the satisfaction of both patients and medical professionals.

<Basic Policies>
 1  Deliver advanced medical care and promote research and
 2  Pursue higher standards of medical safety
 3  Contribute to community medicine
 4  Promote internationalization based on information technology
 5  Train and develop medical professionals who practice holistic
Looking to the Future upon Taking up My New Role
Masafumi Nakamura Ph.D.

Kyushu University Hospital’s roots lie in the opening 119 years ago of the Hospital of Fukuoka Medical College affiliated to Kyoto Imperial University. In fact, its history stretches back even further to the establishment more than 150 years ago of the medical institution Sanseikan by the Kuroda clan, who ruled the domain of Fukuoka. Now ranked in the top 5 hospitals in Japan and the top 100 worldwide in Newsweek’s World’s Best Hospitals 2021, Kyushu University Hospital is one of Japan’s foremost university hospitals in both name and reality, playing a key role as a core hospital for the provision of advanced medical care in western Japan.

Between the COVID-19 pandemic and various natural disasters, critical situations in a community medicine context have become a frequent occurrence of late. Accordingly, in addition to its role as a center for advanced medical care, Kyushu University Hospital also has an important duty to support community medicine when emergencies arise. While accomplishing our mission of striving to be a hospital that can provide medical care to the satisfaction of both patients and medical professionals, we will undertake initiatives such as those described below to fulfill these crucial roles.
Promoting the delivery of cutting-edge medical care and enhancing safety

To encourage the further growth of Kyushu University Hospital, we will leverage the many high-level functions of our institution as an accredited Clinical Research Core Hospital and Core Hospital for Cancer Genomic Medicine to promote the delivery of cutting-edge medical care and enhance corresponding mechanisms for medical safety. We aim to develop an environment in which people can enjoy peace of mind even when receiving cutting-edge medical care, secure in the knowledge that they will be in good hands at Kyushu University Hospital. This will not only put our fiscal base on a firmer footing by boosting new patient numbers, but also lead to our amassing further data as a high-volume center and contribute to the development of even more advanced medical care funded by our increased financial resources. Maintaining the resulting positive cycle will then promote and sustain the growth of Kyushu University Hospital.

Additionally, we will use personnel exchanges to continuously pass on innovations at the Hospital Campus to Kyushu University Beppu Hospital, ensuring that the spillover from this positive cycle extends all the way to the Beppu Campus. We will also leverage this cycle to lead innovation in the field of health and medical care, thereby fulfilling Kyushu University’s institutional responsibility as a designated national university corporation.
The role Kyushu University Hospital should play in the community

One of the key pillars of Kyushu University Hospital’s operations is partnerships with community medicine in the form of collaborative relationships with primary care providers and other hospitals, so we will continue to develop collaborative mechanisms. We will engage sincerely with community partnerships, as they are a crucial part of our mission when emergencies such as natural disasters and new infectious diseases like COVID-19 rear their heads. Additionally, we will fulfill our duty as a base for community medicine, ensuring collaboration between clinical departments in such areas as transitional medical care for patients with childhood-onset chronic diseases and advanced medical care for elderly patients with numerous comorbidities.

The education of medical professionals is another key mission of our hospital. The management team will also collaborate in the provision of education, to cultivate medical professionals fully equipped with the skills required not only to deliver holistic medical care, but also to ensure medical safety. In addition, we will promote international education, leveraging the Telemedicine Development Center of Asia and other Kyushu University Hospital resources. Moreover, by introducing diverse ways of working through such initiatives as the Kirameki Project, we will support female medical professionals in continuing their careers and help staff to achieve a better work-life balance.

I am confident we will achieve everything described above without fail as long as all Kyushu University Hospital employees continue to demonstrate the outstanding teamwork that I have experienced so far. We will establish a cycle in which the practice of cutting-edge medical care backed up by safety and the development of new forms of medical care serve as an engine of growth and, when emergencies arise, will partner with other community medical institutions to overcome the crisis. Through such efforts, we aim to make Kyushu University Hospital even better, enabling staff to feel even greater job satisfaction and pride in their work, and ensuring that our institution will be trusted by the community and accepted by the world.

April 2022